Lets face it we live in a state that has well over 10,000 lakes and there are a few people who like going out on those in the middle of the winter to fish.  Depending how avid of a fisherman you are you might have noticed those nifty fish houses on wheels.

Believe it or not those are just as insurable as any other trailer you would drive around.  Progressive has added a new class of trailers just for you that will make sure that your investment in a quality place to freeze for hours on end is covered in case that other guy’s truck goes slipping and sliding on the lake right into your shiny new fish house.

Remember that it is better to be safe than sorry when driving on lakes.  You are driving on ice so keep your speed down so as not to lose control of your vehicle and your ability to stop in a timely manner.  Especially early in the season make sure that the ice is thick enough to support your trucker and house before bringing it out there.  And finally do take into consideration removing your fish house before the thaw has made it impossible.  I am sure many from the area remember seeing on the news helicopters having to come in to rescue some fishermen from their fish houses in Lindstrom, MN a few years back.